Although I’m a wedding photographer, my background is in entertaining and I love nothing more than to put a smile on peoples faces!
I used to work as an entertainer on a holiday camp for the over 60’s, closely followed by a summer season in the hotels of Magalluf (that was a baptism of fire!)
I then went on to be a part of a Steps tribute band and an 80’s Band called Zoo touring all over the UK and abroad before I joined a function band (Ignite) for 15 years performing at hundreds of weddings!
So I absolutely love being able to have fun with people and get the best out of them.

My wedding photography also reflects this and my main aim is to try to build a rapport and make sure the awesome couple are as relaxed as possible.
This ensures the photos are natural with real smiles and not over posed.
I love a timeless photo you are able to look at and fall in love with, a moment in time captured and your personalities shining through. That is what makes me love my job!
To capture these moments, I use a varied selection of tricks, mainly my laugh! Banter is always amazing to get laughter as well as getting to know people during the day so that they warm to you and feel that they are having their photo taken by a friend.
I just go with the flow and be creative with what is right in front of me.
You have to know your camera and lenses to get the best of out them in each situation (day, night, direct sunlight, rain, dancefloor or flash).

I adore the off centre and negative space in an image as it can say so much without taking away from the moment.

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