I absolutely adore travelling and exploring new places so I’m available for weddings throughout the whole of the UK and beyond, weddings in Lake Como, Tuscany and Paris are the dream, and I feel honoured to have travelled to these places capturing the memories I love most. having completed over 500 weddings my signature style of fine Art wedding photography blends the Fine Art aesthetic with documentary-style photography. Capturing moments both big and small as well as the sweetest of little details are very important. Stylistically speaking images appear soft, with a shallow depth of field, pastel colours and film photography are also often associated with fine art wedding photography. This blend of style and photography creates a dreamy, light and airy image aesthetic that conveys the beauty within its subjects, capturing moments both emotively, candidly and with an artistic flair whilst using both digital and film photography to capture the memories of your special day. You have probably already been told this but it is true your wedding day will go by so fast, so it is incredibly important to choose a wedding photographer you not only feel comfortable around and trust but have fallen in love with the style of their portfolio, as this is ultimately how you will look back upon your wedding day and remember every moment that flew by, including the ones you might have missed. I’m sure by now you already have a sense that I am the right wedding photographer for you and I very much look forward to hearing from you and discussing your wedding plans in detail.

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